The biggest challenge for startups is to be able to accelerate the project and make it a successful market reality. Our acceleration service aims to teach entrepreneurs to pack their ideas in order to be scalable projects, and interesting for investors.

For the sake of this, we dive into the main idea, we draw a business and market diagnostics, and show key points that make all the difference between your raw idea and your idea after going through Outsource Brazil’s acceleration process.


  • Maturity Assessment and Diagnostics and Project Traction
  • Product Fit Assessment and Functionalities
  • Readiness Assessment and Suitability for Execution
  • Validation of the Business Model
  • Construction of a development roadmap
  • Creation of the Acceleration Plan
  • Creation of an Operational Timeline
  • Acceleration Plan Management


  • Maturity Diagnostics
  • Readiness Diagnostics
  • Pitch Deck
  • Executive Summary
  • Marketing Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Cash Flow Plan
  • Kit of documents for investors
  • Investment Plan
  • Equity Strategy
  • Business Plan