Outsource Brazil (OBr), as an Accelerator, has its differentiation based on over 15 years of expertise in international business development for the private sector and government organizations such as Softex and Brasil IT.

Our value proposition is related to the fact that the business maturity of Brazilian IT companies is equivalent to a startup in the international market. Additionally, their business processes are based in domestic market only.

Based on this experience working with these companies, we build a methodology for acceleration of Startups, which includes the following:

  • Creating specific tools for measuring Business Maturity and International Competitiveness
  • Business Qualifier
  • Specific initiatives like the Outsource Brazil Boot Camp and Brazil Silicon Valley Meet for adjustment of the current business model that guarantees success for accelerating the business of the candidates
  • Agreements with worldwide investors and their official approval of our methodology and reports about the companies we propose to invest in.
  • High professional and international mentors