The pace of changes through continuous increase of technology innovation, primarily digital, is now much greater than the ability of large and medium-sized enterprises to follow-up and be able to promote innovation in their own structures. Organizations have most of their efforts focused on maximizing the results of what already exists. Therefore, there is little time left to make the effort to see disruptions and act on what needs to be innovated, or even has not yet been created.

Through a modeling that integrates specific knowledge and objectives of the corporation, we have developed an “Open Innovation” (innovation beyond 4 walls) strategy that offers organizations a way to promote innovation with practical results oriented to different market niches.


  • Mapping and definition of objectives;
  • Construction of a development roadmap;
  • Creation of an operational timeline;
  • Creation of a communication and engagement plan;
  • Creation and calibration of a Hackathon;
  • Hackathon management;
  • Creation of the Acceleration Plan;
  • Acceleration Plan Management;


  • Market Assessment focused on competitive differential;
  • SWOT update;
  • Usability report and forward-looking vision of current clients;
  • Development roadmap of new products;
  • Management of innovation process through acceleration.