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EvoBooks is the best Startup in Brazil

EvoBooks was voted the best startup in Brazil by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. Now EvoBooks is running for Startup Nations Summit award for best startup worldwide.

Accelerated by Outsource Brazil and participant in the Federal Government Start-Up Brazil Program, EvoBooks is a digital publisher of educational content. The project was developed to assist educational institutions, teachers, and students to take full advantage of the latest educational technologies available.

EvoBooks has a collection of interactive high quality digital lesson plans. Since partnering with the City Department of Education of Rio de Janeiro and the multinational Dow Chemical area to develop an online platform for students in public schools, EvoBooks is now in more than one thousand Brazilian schools.

Students timidly participated in classes, and it was difficult to get them to understand the workings of the human body, no matter how many illustrations that could be brought into the classroom. Now, with the EvoBooks application, students actively participate in the learning process and have begun to assimilate the learned material in a better way, identifying with the new teaching methodology“, says public school teacher, Wilson Luiz da Silva.

Currently EvoBooks is the only Brazilian startup to competing in the Startup Nations Summit, which will take place from November 23-25 in South Korea. Entrepreneurs, community stakeholders, policy makers, diplomatic practitioners and startup community builders are expected to attend this event. The purpose of Startup Nations Summit is to show that entrepreneurship is the best medium for the growth and prosperity of the economy. There are 40 startups from 40 different countries competing for first place in Startup Nations Summit. Anyone can vote online which will count for 20% of the final decision.

Outsource Brazil participated in the acceleration and consolidation of the startup process and now assists in the internationalization process. For the past 25 years, Outsource Brazil has operated in the internationalization of enterprises and startup acceleration . The organization is one of the main references in connection with Brazil and Silicon Valley and with extensive experience in these two markets .

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