Go Global Boot Camp

go global capa



Go Global Boot Camp is an international competitiveness workshop aimed at finding new markets as well as defending your own territory from foreign entrants. It presents positioning, business strategy, and sales approaches, in order to adapt to international markets for offering solutions and services in those markets, as well as leveraging more opportunities domestically.

Go Global Boot Camp, in the best style military combat training, offers a program focused on best practices experiences that effectively prepare the company for international expansion. Be it going overseas or receiving foreign investments in Brazil.

The program includes a “training camp” (workshop), structured to better prepare companies; improve the understanding of the executives in the application of the main business concepts that make possible the success in their internationalization effort. Each company will receive an assessment and diagnosis, along with specialized training and a mini scorecard to assist in their process of internalizing international business best practices.

And as a bonus, each participant may have the internationalization plan inserted in a worldwide platform, the GrowthWheel, that helps and accelerates the decision making and execution of the planned activities.

For more details, and for dates and cities for registration, please visit: https://www.goglobalbootcamp.com