Outsource Brazil has three immersion programs in the Silicon Valley, one of the world’s innovation epicenters, where one of the largest concentrations of investors and mentors from all over the world is reunited.

It can be said that the Valley is the headquarters of “Entrepreneurship UN”, where the cultural miscegenation combined with a society driven by high performance indicators within a meritocracy regimen, also combined with a collaborative and civil attitude, results in an enterprise posture consciousness that is more competitive and results-oriented than the rest of the world.

Getting to experience the Valley and internalize its basic premises of entrepreneurial action and execution helps the entrepreneur from different backgrounds to understand what needs to be done, what level of commitment (and detachment) is required in their organization, so it can be a transformation agent, and the company is able to innovate and continue to exist in 10 years and beyond.


  • Brazil Silicon Valley Meet – One week of immersion in the Valley with networking opportunities, knowledge transfer and interviews with local companies;
  • Acelera 60 (60-Days Acceleration) – 8 weeks of immersion focused on development of new project initiated in the Valley using local tools and networks;
  • Acelera 90 (90-Days Acceleration) – 12 weeks of immersion focused on guiding projects to a traction level and international competitiveness.