As globalization continues to grow, organizations are increasingly being pushed to increase their competitiveness, seek new markets and expand their business. For this, the OBr offers, through its advisory programs, solid alternatives built by the practice and experience of more than 20 years in the market.

The search for competitiveness and new markets is a journey where it is necessary to comply with several steps considered structuring so that any internationalization plan is successful.

 – The goal is to level the understanding of opportunities and needs in order to carry out a complete journey of seminars and training workshops.


  • Seminar on SENSIBILIZATION – Presentation of “The World Has Become Flat And It Will Flatten Your Backyard”
  • Palestra de COMPETITIVITY – Presentation highlighting The 7 MAIN FIRST STEPS that are inevitable for internacionalization. Learn how to prepare in order to internacionalize.


  • OBr INTERNATIONALIZATION BOOT CAMP – Workshop: “How to create your first Internationalization Plan”.


OTHER STAGES IN SILICON VALLEY – They aim to offer an experience in order to boost your perceptions and opportunities in the development of your projects and expansion plans.


  • Brazil Silicon Valley Meet – 1-week immersion in Silicon Valley with executive agenda.
    Please visit:
  • Acelera 90X – 90 days immersion in Silicon Valley developing product and/or expanding market.


 LATEST STAGES OF CONSOLIDATION – The focus is on customer and business prospecting activities aimed at the traction in the target market and attracting potential investments to accelerate growth.


  • Through an objective approach that focuses on the structuring of market prospecting activities, coupled with local representativeness, connection with OBr’s business relationship networks, and executive performance focused on generating business results.


  • Mapping and setting goals
  • Building a Go-to-Market Action Plan
  • Construction of operational timeline
  • Management and implementation of the Action Plan
  • Market and competition analysis
  • Opportunity pipeline and management of the prospecting process
  • Relationship management
  • Institutional representation