Nowadays, for your company to gain market share, stand out and stay on top, it takes more than providing good service or delivering a good quality product.  The market is global and competitiveness that once was more regional, now it became global; in Brazil, there are competitors from Japan, China, and USA.

We must be prepared to see through and go beyond.  That’s what our internationalization program aims:  to provide experiences and opportunities for Brazilian executives who seek not only to expand their businesses outside Brazil, but to keep them highly competitive also in the domestic market.

Through an objective approach, we have developed a soft landing strategy that combines a local representative, connection to ecosystems, and executive actions focused on generating business results.


  • Mapping and definition of objectives
  • Creation of an Action Plan to go-to-market
  • Creation of an operational timeline
  • Action Plan Execution
  • Action Plan Management


  • Market analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Pipeline opportunities
  • Institutional representation
  • Management of prospecting process
  • Relationship management with the local customer base