PITCH BOOT CAMP is one of the main communication tools of the entrepreneur with investors. PITCH is the synthesis of the value proposition and what is important in order for other people to understand and believe in your business as much as you do.

The PITCH BOOT CAMP is assembled by answering key questions:

  • Why is the business important?
  • Does it have the potential to scale? (Market and relevance);
  • How should you position your value proposition? (strategic thought);
  • How do you intend to reach the target audience? (Go-to-market plan);
  • And why it’s worth it (ROI).

The creation of a PITCH helps to exercise and validate the proposal’s value and positioning of the proposal. It is important to have a validation of strategic thinking along with the “go-to-market” plan. This requires testing and validating the value proposition multiple times.

Therefore, in the PITCH BOOT CAMP, the main dimensions of the value proposition are tested, validated, and then sequenced in a logical and intelligent way, offering the best possibility of being an attractive venture for investors, clients, partners, and collaborators.


  • Dimensioning of representativeness and size of the problem being solved;
  • Validation of the alignment of the value proposition vis-à-vis the problem being solved;
  • Market validation;
  • Economic/financial premises testing;
  • Pitch routing;
  • Pitch presentation training;
  • Construction of Pitch Decks, suitable for the target audience and presentation time;
  • Construction of the bilingual Executive Summary – “One Pager” model.


  • Pitch Deck of:
    • 1 minute
    • 5 minutes
  • Executive Summary – “One Pager” model in Portuguese;
  • Executive Summary – “One Pager” model in English;
  • Suggestion of best practices for Pitch Decks creation;
  • Suggestion of best practices for a good speaker / presenter.