Pitch is the real “show” of an entrepreneur seeking investments. A Pitch is the synthesis of what really matters for others to understand and believe in your business as much as you.

It is basically built by answering the key questions:

Why is the business important and large? (market and relevance);

How is it going to be? (strategic thinking);

How is it going to be accomplished? (go-to-market plan);

And why is it worth it?(ROI).

Your construction requires a logical validation of strategic thinking together with a “go-to-market” plan, and a number of testing and validation processes for the value proposition. Due to these reasons, during PITCH TRAINING the value proposition’s main measurements are tested, validated and later sequenced in a logical and intelligent roadmap that offers the best possible way to be an attractive venture for investors, clients, partners, collaborators, etc.


  • Representativeness and size of the problem that is being solved;
  • Market sizing;
  • Testing of economic/financial assumptions;
  • Testing of value proposition alignment vis-à-vis the problem being solved;
  • Pitch routing;
  • Training for Pitch presentation;
  • Construction of Pitch Decks appropriate for the target audience and presentation time;
  • Creation of Executive Summary in the bilingual template “One Pager”.


  • Pitch Deck of:
    o1 minute
    o3 minutes
    o5 minutes
  • Executive Summary, “One Pager” template in Portuguese;
  • Executive Summary, “One Pager” template in English;
  • Suggested best practices to create Pitch Decks;

Suggested best practices for a good speaker/presenter;