The Process

The methodology of OBr consists in 3 phases: Qualification, Preparation and Acceleration.

Engrenagem Metodologia Aceleração

The first phase is divided into two steps. Companies and entrepreneurs interested in working with Outsource Brazil must first answer the Business Maturity and International Competitiveness tests. These can be done online and will generate a picture of the current status quo of the company after a brief analysis conducted by the team of Outsource Brazil. The result of this step is a diagnostic and henceforth a minimum score, the process is continued with the second step: the Business Qualifier.

The Business Qualifier is an interview, a questionnaire developed by OBr, which identifies the level of planning and governance of the existing business offer. The result of this phase is a definite evaluation where OBr informs its willingness to move forward to the phase of preparation.

Ciclo da metodologiaIn the preparation phase, the chief executives of the companies will assist in the 3 day immersion of the Outsource Brazil Boot Camp, where the entrepreneurs will experience Value Creation and Management models which will allow OBr to lead the companies to success. The graduated, or let´s say, those ones that are able to program the necessary adjustment, are chose to be accelerated.

In the acceleration phase, after the approved agreement of commitment and counterpart, the goal is to build business maturity and attractiveness to investors, strategic partners and customers, primarily in the U.S. market, specifically in Silicon Valley. This is the last step of the acceleration and is accomplished through the Brazil VC Meet, where it is expected to conquer an capital injection to continue the maturation process and business success.