Acceleration Program

OBr focuses on the acceleration of startups that are already active and seeking to get traction in the market, that need to accelerate their growth and seek scalability so they have the best possibilities of securing access to investments to keep growing.

OBr uses an approach called LCF – Lean Canvas Framework, which is the methodology adopted by OBr in the last 20 years of international business acceleration, focused on traction generation and maturing of governance components, which are important factors for consideration by investors.

  • Acceleration of 4 months only in Brazil
  • 6-month acceleration in Brazil and Silicon Valley


  • Diagnoses of Maturity, Competitiveness, Market Adherence and Executive Capacity
  • Action Plan built upon LCF – Lean Canvas Framework (based on B2B acceleration techniques)


  • Joint action in the implementation of the Action Plan built upon the LCF – Lean Canvas Framework
  • Access to a group of mentors and investors, both national and international, trained in the best mentoring practices for startups
  • Funding of US$ 10,000 based on milestones


  • Market exposure at Game Changers Day (pitch event for investors)
  • Matchmaking with both national and international investors
  • Project Maturity and Traction Assessment
  • Evaluation of Product Fit and Functionalities
  • Assessment of Readiness and Fitness for Execution
  • Validation of the Business Model
  • Building the LCF – Lean Canvas Framework Acceleration Plan
  • Co-management of Acceleration Plan (LCF – Lean Canvas Framework)
  • Acceleration Plan Monitoring Dashboard
  • Investors Docs
  • Equity Strategy
  • Access to both national and international Mentors and Investors, trained in the best mentoring practices for startups